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Beyond Cleaning

Some people consider cleaning as merely removing dust on floors, surfaces and organizing clutter. But in work a corporate environment, it means much more. For better understanding of the process, see the procedures we implement when cleaning the following facilities:


In our cleaning division, we enforce clean facility rules, making sure that our employees are doing what is expected of them.


Below is part of what we do to create and make a working environment healthy, clean and organized:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Empting garbage bins regularly
  • Cleaning as you go




We assign cleaning tasks based on need to weekly rotation and create a calendar items for those tasks. For instance, floors are swept on a daily basis as well as critical areas like shipping doors or work cells also require a daily regiment to ensure a clean appearance and safe operation. During that sweep, slick spots, damage, and other problems can be spotted. Racks are scheduled for dusting on monthly basis.

Empting Garbage Bins Our staff will make sure that the bins do not overflow, because overflowing of bins means people wont dump trash when they should, which could lead to trash being found on the floors or even worse, hid behind boxes.
Clean As You Go Clean before you go simply means we do not consider a task complete until the mess is cleaned up. If a machine creates metal shavings or a work shift results in a ton of packing material waste at individual packing stations, the day isn’t done until it is cleaned up. Should a picking operation results in a pallet of stock left on the floor, it will not be left there, to avoid the mess being left for the next shift workers.

Further more; all business experts agree that workplace safety programs should incorporate proper cleaning. Therefore we will use a variety of cleaning methods and equipment depending on the type of premise and material used upon construction.


The scope of work will include all internal phases such as floors, tiles, partition walls, ceilings, lightings, furniture’s, windows, and other periodic cleaning as required.


Waste Management We as a an organisation will manage waste disposal, street cleaning operations, collect the disposed waste to recycling companies such as Nampak to foster recycling and sustainability. Our firm supervises the transportation of waste to ensure that it takes place competently without contaminating air, land or water sources. We will also deal with inquiries and complaints from members of the public via phone, emails or in person. Should there be complains in regards to illegal dumping of waste. Kulube will investigate and make follow up with such claims.


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